For the government, 2015 is the “Year of General José María Morelos y Pavón,” one of the greatest heroes in the history of Mexico. He is a liberator we recall with great respect and admiration.

Today marks the 250th anniversary of his birth. And precisely today, we celebrate the 200 years since his death.

Two centuries later, his ideology is still valid and his example is an inspiration for the administration I lead. Following the great legacy of Morelos, Mexicans today are promoting a Mexico at peace, a Mexico of rights, laws and institutions.

In order to achieve an inclusive Mexico, “We are breaking down the obstacles and barriers that prevent young people, women and any Mexican from achieving their goals and writing their own success stories.”

Just as the Constitution of Apatzingán established the freedom to work, today we are promoting a prosperous Mexico that generates employment and professional options so that every man or woman can use his or her knowledge and talents.