President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the National Financial Inclusion Policy, accompanied by the HRH Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, at the National Palace.

“When I took office, I undertook to promote the transformation of Mexico, to lead our country to a new stage of growth and development.

We assumed the commitment to put citizens and their families at the center of our efforts in order to improve their quality of life and build a better future.”

With this vision, the government has worked on the basis of five national goals, namely: Achieving an Inclusive Mexico.

An Inclusive Mexico is a country where rights are not only an ideal but a permanent reality in the everyday lives of all its inhabitants. It also means having a basic floor of welfare so that every family can move forward and progress, in both the north and the south, and in the countryside and the city.

“Today we have a new generation social policy which goes beyond welfarism to focus on increasing its beneficiaries’ productive capacities”.

Traditional social development, better food, access to health services and decent housing are complemented and strengthened by policies that promote quality education and economic productivity.

“This policy is designed to ensure that all Mexicans, without distinction, have access to the financial system. The point is for them to have savings accounts, buy insurance or get a loan to achieve any life plan they create. The point is also to have different ways to make and receive payments.”

One of the aims is to ensure that families are less vulnerable and fragile, and at less of a risk of losing their assets or falling into poverty.

To achieve the goals and purposes, the National Financial Inclusion Policy links the efforts of the government and the private sector into six main axes.

“Today Mexico has a solid, well capitalized banking system, with a healthy loan portfolio. 

I am convinced that by working together, users, banks and authorities can ensure that Mexico becomes an increasingly inclusive country”.