President Enrique Peña Nieto, participated in the Panel Discussion: Economic Outlook and Mexico-Canada Trade and Investment Opportunities as part of the activities in his state visit to that country.

Addressing over 50 CEO’s of global Mexican and Canadian companies at the meeting organized by the Economy Secretariat and ProMéxico, and attended by Canadian Minister of International Trade Chrystia Freeland; the President and CEO of Global Equity Capital Markets, TMX Group and Canadian Ambassador to Mexico Pierre Alarie, President Peña Nieto stated that the stability of the Mexican economy is one of its competitive advantages, noting that it in this context that the structural changes have been made.

”Mexico is a country that is currently undergoing a stage of significant transformation,” since it has managed to promote key structural changes that had been postponed for several years, on the basis of a diagnosis that had already been carried out on the needs to make adjustments in various fields.”

One of these changes concerned the economy, which would enable Mexico to be much more productive, competitive and encourage the attraction of major investments to our country.

”A broad-ranging agreement with the various political forces made it possible to push an agenda of structural changes that this government is now implementing so that they can materialize.”

Mexico an attractive country for investment

President Enrique Peña Nieto explained the reasons why Mexico is now an attractive country for investment. Many of the companies represented at the meeting already have investments in Mexico.

This is the case of TransCanada, one of the companies participating in several gas pipeline development projects in Mexico.

In fact, he said, as regards the pipeline network, "which is fundamental to the industrial development of the country, in this administration, in the six years ending in 2018, we are on track to nearly double the network of gas pipelines that used to run up and down the country. This network of pipelines is expanding by nearly 80% and several of the companies represented here are already involved in this effort.  Many of your companies are already taking advantage of the competitive advantages our country offers today.”

The president declared that conditions are now in place for the level of bilateral economic relations to grow even more.

 “Today the world is giving us lessons and giving us a very important reference. Countries that are part of a global economy, a global society, cannot isolate themselves, and I think that the strength of each nation lies in its ability to build strategic partnerships, such as those Canada and Mexico have today.”

“The partnership Canada and Mexico have with the United States is on track to make America is a much more competitive, productive region”