President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the Ninth National Voluntary Work and Solidarity Prize 2016.

This award is given to those who make volunteer work their mission. To individuals and associations throughout the country who make a difference.

It originated in a global celebration established by the United Nations in 1985, a year that was also crucial to promoting national unity and creating a culture of solidarity in the country.

Thousands of brave, committed Mexicans, regardless of their age or social status, stepped forward to join the rescue, cleanup and reconstruction efforts in Mexico City after the earthquakes of September 19 and 20 of that year.

“The unity of Mexicans has been our greatest strength for rising up in adversity, and it is unity that has allowed us to strengthen our sovereignty, freedom and independence”: EPN

Being supportive is part of the culture of Mexicans. Men and women who excel at delivering the most valuable thing they have, to those most in need: their time, talent and commitment to solidarity.

The transformative power of volunteers

The government’s efforts and several of its programs would not suffice without the strong, unconditional support of volunteers.

”As president, I have had the opportunity to witness the transformative power of volunteers.

Thousands of women are the life force behind 10,000 soup kitchens. They run these 10,000 soup kitchens, where they feed a million people  a day. They do so voluntarily and receive nothing in return other than the commitment and mission that each one, particularly women and in some cases, men take to support and help those in need and, especially, those who do not have a guaranteed food supply.

Thousands of young people are the engine of the literacy campaigns the government has promoted, which we can only carry out through the voluntary commitment and solidarity of the many young people who participate with no remuneration.

Thousands of civil society organizations multiply the public efforts of governments in health, education, inclusion and the environment”: EPN

The government will continue to join the efforts of millions of volunteers who perform actions every day.