President Enrique Peña Nieto today presented the National Human Rights Award to Rodolfo Stavenhagen posthumously for, “His invaluable contributions to the defense and protection of the rights of the country’s indigenous peoples and communities”.

At the event, he also gave Sharon Zaga, President of the Association and Museum of Memory and Tolerance Honorable Mention for her permanent work in the teaching and dissemination of a culture in favor of tolerance, non-discrimination and respect for human rights.

This award is the highest recognition granted by Mexican society to those have made the effective promotion and defense of human rights their vocation and life mission.

“We will continue combining efforts in favor of non-discrimination, inclusion, gender equality, legality and tolerance,” he said. EPN

Actions and progress

  • The government has implemented programs aimed at the more than 15 million indigenous people in the country so that they can fully exercise their rights
  • These programs are designed to improve their quality of life and create more opportunities.
  • Actions have been taken to promote their education and health and improve their basic infrastructure; as well as to eradicate extreme poverty in the 624 indigenous municipalities in the country.
  • To ensure their right to identity, they have been given birth certificates in their language.
  • To facilitate their access to justice and prevent violence against women, they are given the advice of lawyers and bilingual interpreters.
  • We are also promoting various programs to increase the production and marketing of their products and crafts with a focus on sustainability”.

“The government helps indigenous peoples improve their income and quality of life, without losing their cultural identity or having to jeopardize the nation’s cultural heritage”.

Although there has been progress in the actions for indigenous peoples, we are still a long way from the development vision for which Dr. Rodolfo Stavenhagen fought”: EPN

Various reform initiatives and bills are currently under discussion, such as the two I submitted a year ago, to combat disappearances and torture.

“We will continue combining efforts in favor of non-discrimination, inclusion, gender equality, legality and tolerance”.

The president said that, “In the future, we will prioritize the fight against the disappearance of people, the consolidation of the Mechanism for the Protection of People who Defend Human Rights and Journalists, and the reinforcement of efforts to eradicate violence against women”. EPN