President Enrique Peña Nieto presented awards to the winners of the National Entrepreneurs’ Prize 2015.  Prizes were given to 11 entrepreneurs and institutions, with 4,262 applicants participating in eight different categories.

“Entrepreneurs are important agents of change worldwide. By putting their ideas into practice, they offer innovative solutions that improve the quality of life of our society. Each of you represents a desire for improvement and a firm determination to progress.”

The National Entrepreneurs’ Award acknowledges and appreciates the passion, effort and dedication with which entrepreneurs implement their initiatives and projects.

With their commitment and creativity, entrepreneurs are an essential part of modern Mexico that is breaking down barriers and removing the constraints that prevented Mexico from growing and going forward.


In the past three years, the National Entrepreneurs’ Institute has accompanied and promoted the ideas and productive projects of more than two million Mexicans, with funds from the National Entrepreneurship Fund totaling over 26 billion pesos.

One concrete result of the Forums of Everyday Justice, organized by the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) was the creation of the SME Ombudsman, designed to protect and promote entrepreneurs’ rights. 

The General Corporations Law Reform creates a new partnership scheme called Simplified Joint Stock Company (SAS), which seeks to create more businesses and increase their likelihood of consolidation.

“Setting up business requires courage and determination to have an idea and continue until it is achieved. It requires having the strength to pick yourself up when you fall and learning from failures and persevering until success is achieved.”

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