Mexico is determined to strengthen its cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, one of the most important economic and trade centers in the world. This Business Forum is a great opportunity to bring the economies of both countries closer and to explore new investment and trade projects. 

Opportunities in the bilateral relationship

• The high level of political dialogue that Mexico and the UAE have achieved in recent years benefits the confidence to make investments.

• The strength of the UAE economy and the favorable outlook for the Mexican economy open up new opportunities for both.

• The United Arab Emirates are Mexico’s third largest trading partner in the Middle East (after Saudi Arabia and Israel, with a total trade of $564 million dollars in 2014).

• They are the second largest investor in Mexico in the Middle East (after Israel).

• There is a new Agreement for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments, which came into force in 2014.

• This is enhanced by Mexico’s trade liberalization and foreign investment in its energy sector, which opened up broad opportunities for collaboration in the areas of oil and natural gas extraction and production.

• A potential for collaboration in agriculture and food processing has been identified.

 Mexico’s Current Strengths

 1. 1. Mexico is a production platform with global reach, with an excellent geographical location; biological mega-diversity; and a growing logistics infrastructure.

• It is the 5th largest country in America and the 14th largest worldwide (the UAE ranks 115th worldwide).

• It is a bridge between North America and Latin America and between the Atlantic and Asia-Pacific.

• The port, road and rail network are being expanded and modernized.

 2. It is a country with a stable reliable  economy and institutions.

• Sound public finance (debt: 46.9% of the GDP vs. 87.6% 87.6% in the G20.

• Autonomous monetary policy (inflation at recod low).

• Flexible exchange rate and robust banking system.

3. Mexico has talent and human capital: It has a large, increasingly well trained youth population, with the creativity and energy to succeed.

• 11th largest world population (120 million, 50% are 27 years old or less).

• Every year, more than 100,000 engineers and technologists graduate.

• Education Reform and growing investment in science and technology.

4. It is a country on the rise: it has an open, competitive economy.

• 15th largest global economy; in the past five years, it has grown 3.3% annually.

• 11 FTAs with 46 countries: access to more than 1.150 billion people.

• TPP negotiating country.

• Leading exporter of flat screens and fridges with freezers.

• 7 largest producer and 4th largest exporter of vehicles.

• Dynamic aerospace industry: it is growing at an annual rate of 15.3% (av. 2006-2014).

• According to the global consultancy firm A.T. Kearney, Mexico is the world’s ninth most attractive and reliable country for investment.

5. Mexico is being transformed: it is building a modern, competitive economy; a society of opportunities and increasing revenue.

• 13 structural reforms. 6 strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of our economy: Labor; Finance; Antitrust; Telecommunications; Tax and Energy, the most important economic change in recent decades.