President Enrique Peña Nieto participated in the inauguration of the Mexico-Argentina Business Forum, together with Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

Both Mexico and Argentina have experienced and gone through various economic models; they have faced ordeals and learned important lessons.

As a result of these experiences, we are convinced of three fundamental conditions:

FIRST: That macroeconomic stability is a prerequisite for development;

SECOND: That the competitiveness of economies makes it necessary to work to remove obstacles and eliminate barriers that have long limited the development of both nations;

THIRD: That it is essential to keep the world open to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities of globalization.

Bilateral Relations

In this state visit, the presidents of both countries agreed to deepen political, trade and cooperation ties.

- In particular, they will upgrade and expand the “ACE 6” Economic Complementarity Agreement, which will allow more agricultural and industrial goods to have preferential treatment in our bilateral trade.

- The legal framework will be reinforced to provide exporters with more certainty in their operations and allow Small and Medium Enterprises to benefit from bilateral trade and investment.

- Seventeen different instruments were signed on fisheries and aquaculture; cooperation in the wine sector; phytosanitary cooperation; and support for science and technology, among others.

- Argentina is Mexico’s fourth largest trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean, while Mexico is Argentina’s third largest trading partner in the region.

- In 2015, the flow of Argentine tourists increased by over 40%, making Argentina our 4th most important tourist market and the largest in Latin America.

"What is clear to Argentina and Mexico today it is that the links that  endure are those involving friendship and culture and of course, business relations.

It is governments' obligation to facilitate them and for forums such as this to consolidate our economic relations; they help us liaise better as competitive, complementary economies.

I invite you to take advantage of the opportunities that are being created, thanks to the transformation processes our nations are experiencing. You have the support of the Mexican government to continue to create winning partnerships that will generate benefits from the Rio Grande to Argentina's Patagonia.