Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto paid a state visit to Colombia in response to an invitation from Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón.

Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto thanked his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos for, “his unshakable will to achieve peace” and also for having been internationally recognized by the Nobel Peace Prize.

“This constitutes recognition by the international community, which has conferred on you this important distinction with broad international prestige, the Nobel Prize, for your unwavering struggle, permanent effort and strong political will to reach a peace agreement for Colombia”. EPN

The government confirmed its willingness to assist the Government of Colombia in the mission it has formulated to build peace.

“Mexico will continue accompanying Colombia along this path, so that with the voice of all political forces, it will achieve concrete pathways leading to the lasting peace this great nation deserves”: EPN

This state visit to Colombia has been a great opportunity for the two countries to consolidate the broad, diverse relationship they already share.

Currently, there is virtually no area or sector where Colombians and Mexicans are not cooperating and exchanging information, experiences and best practices”: EPN

This is borne out by the nine agreements signed, which will further expand this cooperation, by finding new niches or strengthening existing ones.