President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Mexican Army Day Ceremony, during which he inaugurated the 4th Military Police Brigade.

“Our soldiers have proved to be a force for peace, justice and legality. They are a solid institutional foundation for national development. Their permanent lesson of pride, courage and dignity encourages us to continue building a country of laws and institutions, rights and freedoms.”

Capacity building

In order to support the Mexican Army, the government has been working to expand and strengthen its capacities. During this administration, seven Ministry of National Defense barracks have been built in various regions; and four more are under construction.

This extends the presence and strengthens the operational and logistical capacity of the Mexican Army, especially in the areas where it is most needed.

The new Fourth Military Police Brigade, serving the Northeast of the country, is the result of the joint commitment of society and government, for the benefit of security and the rule of law. The authorities of various states, the government and the private sector, provided resources and joined forces to build it.

It is a modern complex with the infrastructure, technology, equipment and weapons required by the Army to perform the missions with which it has been entrusted in this part of the country.

“Our aim is clear:  to cut off the criminal groups that still threaten peace of mind and assets of the families living in this dynamic region of the country.”

During the current administration, efforts have been made to improve the quality of life for members of the army and their families: 

- 24 housing units have been build for the benefit of over 1,500 families and nearly 7,500 housing loans have been granted.

- This school year, over 30,000 scholarships were awarded to the children of military personnel to enable them to continue and complete their studies.