Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto met with students from the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Poza Rica:

“Young people who are a clear example of the  modern and innovative Mexico, who are aware of their potential and are prepared to use it.”

Students from the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Poza Rica won first place in various international robotics, mechatronics and systems competitions in 2015.

Their achievements show that they are part of a new generation, a winning Mexico that has faith in itself and competes and triumphs in the world.

The government has focused on strengthening the technological education provided at public institutions. One example is the Conacyt budget, which increased by 41% in real terms from 2012 to 2015, from $21.872  billion pesos to over 33.7 billion pesos.

The goal is to have men and women prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, who can apply knowledge and create innovations.

Mexico with Quality Education; Tecnológico Nacional de Mexico

• In 2014, the Tecnológico Nacional de México was created, which combines and coordinates the broad-ranging academic work of 266 institutions of higher education.

• With more than half a million students, it is the largest higher education institute (in technology) in Mexico and Latin America. 

• Every year, it graduates 60,000 students, accounting for 44% of the country’s new engineers. 

• It has strategies designed to ensure the early training of researchers and entrepreneurs. 

• The Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Poza Rica forms part of this great technological system and currently attends 5,600 undergraduate and graduate students. 

• It has received awards from the SEP on six occasions because 100% of its educational courses are quality programs.