President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony commemorating International Labor Day. In his speech, he stressed the importance of dialogue and joint efforts between production factors.

The INEGI presented its GDP estimate for the first quarter of 2016. According to this calculation, with seasonally adjusted figures, the Mexican economy grew 2.9% annually.

It is not only economic growth that is driving the evolution of the labor market. These advances are also the result of the dialogue and joint efforts between production factors.

These advances are also the result of the dialogue and joint efforts between production factors. The best example of this is that we have spent almost 31 consecutive months without any federal strikes breaking out.

Labor Justice

On April 28, the president submitted a package of reform bills to Congress in the field of Everyday Justice, including a proposal to make sweeping changes to Labor Justice in Mexico.

”With the Labor Reform of 2012, together we have increased labor market flexibility, encouraged productivity, and strengthened transparency and trade union democracy.

Now, together we must also modernize labor justice.”

This is a paradigm shift which will make it possible to align the justice system with the times. Major changes include:

1. Ensuring that Labor Justice is administered by the Federal Judiciary Branch or the Local Judiciary Branches.

2. Making conciliation processes more agile and effective. To this end, the creation of specialized, impartial Conciliation Centers is proposed.

3. It is proposed that the federal conciliation agency be a decentralized body familiar with the registration of all the collective bargaining agreements and those of trade union organizations.

4. Through the respective law, procedures for the signature, deposit and registration of collective contracts will be reviewed, ensuring full respect for trade union autonomy and the right of association.

“If this reform is approved, we will achieve the most significant change for the protection and defense of workers' rights since the creation of Article 123 in the 1917 Constitution.

In short, we are building the Labor Justice of the century, for the Mexican economy of the 21st century.