President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Ventika Wind Farms in the state of Nuevo León.

These wind farms, which are among the five largest in Latin America, transform wind into electricity.

The president stressed the commitment to respecting the environment that is clearly stipulated in the National Development Plan.

“We are a generation with a greater awareness of the need to respect and care for our environment. It is important to say this because this social awareness did not exist even 20 years ago; this key value of caring for our environment had not been fully assimilated”.

“Not doing so would condemn future generations to not having a viable country, in which there is sustainability and opportunities and in which there are water shortages, and all natural resources are disturbed due to the failure to make the timely decisions we are taking today:” EPN

Energy Reform

Energy Reform guarantees the availability of energy inputs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydropower.

The Energy Transition Act states that by 2018, 25% of all electricity must be generated from clean energy. Just over 20.3% is currently generated in this way.

“The commitment is that by 2018 at least 25 percent of electricity will generated from clean sources, in other words, wind, water, sun and geothermia.

“By 2024, we expect to be generating 35 percent of the electricity consumed in the country through clean sources, which reflects the government’s enormous commitment to caring for our environment”. EPN

Energy Reform is encouraging investments that make it possible to generate electricity using fewer pollutants. 

In 2012, electricity rates in Mexico were 84 percent higher than in the United States. Today, electricity is actually cheaper than in at least half the states in the US..

Moreover, it has increased the competitiveness of our country and enabled us to reduce electricity tariffs for industry, trade and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ventika Wind Farms involved $650 million USD in private investment. These two parks will transform wind into usable electricity. They are another example of what Mexico is doing for the environment.

”We want companies that have participated in this project to continue growing and doing their bit, so that by harnessing the legal framework we now have in our country, more farms like the one we have behind us will continue to be built in Mexico.

And Mexico will continue to produce more environmentally-friendly energy, and prove its commitment to respecting and caring for our environment: EPN