President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Mexico Tourism Tianguis 2016, edition number 41, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

In 2012, just over 23 million international tourists were registered in Mexico; last year, 32 million foreign tourists arrived, equivalent to 37 per cent growth in three years.

Tourist activity accounts for 8.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and generates in the order of 9 million jobs directly and indirectly, he said.

“We are among the 10 top destinations in the world that receive most tourists annually, but we can and will consolidate the great strength we have as a country.”

One of the main objectives of the government is to promote tourism as a priority sector for national development.

At the event, the president announced the start of the National Movement “Let’s All Travel through Mexico.”

The program serves a dual purpose: it will enable more Mexicans to discover the greatness of their country; and allow all of them to help stimulate the national economy. An alliance was achieved between the main actors in industry, civil society and the three levels of government to boost tourism by taking advantage of under-used capacity in the off season.

It has three components:

FIRST. The government will be a facilitator in the market, innovatively linking supply and demand. This involves an enormous effort of coordination and collaboration with stakeholders in the industry.

SECOND. All tourist service companies will be able to form part of this movement. Airlines and ground transportation companies; hotels and restaurants; as well as tour operators and agencies, will be able to take part, offering the best rates and services.

THIRD. More Mexicans will be encouraged to travel and enjoy the country, through an attractive publicity campaign and facilities to acquire their travel packages.

Alliances will be forged with business and labor organizations; civil society groups and government agencies; as well as the financial institutions themselves.

”We want to grow and expand the opportunities to get to know our country so that more Mexicans can visit, tour and discover it and then to project this great pride.

Industry Facts

• Tourism currently generates 8.5% of GDP; its contribution exceeds that of sectors such as construction (7.1%) and mining (6.8%). It also provides nine million direct and indirect jobs.

• Foreign exchange earnings have grown at the same rate, in the same period: 12.7 billion USD to over 17.4 billion USD.

• 88% of tourism earnings are provided by domestic tourism. Domestic tourists are the mainstay of this industry.

• It is estimated that the tourism industry generates in the order of nine million jobs directly and indirectly.