President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Ecatepec-Santa Clara stretch of the expansion of the Mexico-Pachuca highway, designed to enhance the region’s connectivity and commercial and urban development.

The new stretch of highway, measuring 10.5 kilometers, will improve communication between the metropolitan area of Mexico City and the rest of the country.


This public work will benefit more than two million inhabitants, easing an estimated daily traffic flow of 110,000 vehicles.

It includes works that support the municipalities of Tlalnepantla and Ecatepec.

It reduces travel times from 60 to 35 minutes during peak hours.

It eliminates bottlenecks at the entrance and exit from the Mexico-Pachuca highway.


  • 4 traffic lanes (8 lanes in total).
  • 14 vehicle overpasses.
  • 3 vehicle underpasses.
  • 3 bridges.
  • Construction of one tollbooth and expansion of two tollbooths.