The Penal System Reform comes into effect nationwide on June 18 just after midnight. President Enrique Peña Nieto highlighted its importance:

“It is a historic event in the justice of our country; we have spent over 100 years following a model that is now being changed for a reason: to ensure that Mexico has effective administration of justice”.

With the New Penal Justice System, we will move from a system  of justice based on the imposition of a sentence to one based on conciliation.

This new concept requires changing the attitudes, roles, principles and structures of those who administer, enforce and seek justice.  

It is a real paradigm shift in the Mexican justice system, because it substantially modifies principles, processes, functions and structures.

“Justice is essential for citizens to fully exercise their rights and freedoms, it is a necessary condition to create a true Society of Rights.”

Five Actions for its implementation

1. A major training scheme is underway to equip the public servants responsible for operating the system with the necessary skills.

2. Training and development of public safety elements is underway so that they have full knowledge of the system, a task in which the commitment of local governments is crucial.

3. A comprehensive National Outreach Campaign was designed, which was translated into several indigenous languages and widely distributed.

4. A National Network of Spokespersons was created to publicize the benefits of Penal Reform and the progress achieved to date.

5. The Interior Ministry, together with the legislative and judicial branches, will define the best coordination mechanisms for jobs.