By: Enrique Peña Nieto

While financial markets and economic growth are recovering lost ground, the G20 has gradually evolved into an effective mechanism to prevent another crisis. The agenda now includes a broad range of topics such as: trade, employment, energy efficiency, combating the effects of climate change and food security protection.

With a GDP of $ 1.2 billion dollars, Mexico, the world’s 14th largest economy, is a responsible global actor. We firmly believe in the efficiency of the G20 to continue to deliver positive change for the world's benefit.

Mexico supports the Turkish presidency’s priorities regarding implementation, investment and inclusion. In line with G20 commitments, my country has adopted ambitious structural reforms to strengthen the economic potential and implementation of the National Infrastructure Plan.

The reforms create the conditions for a more productive labor market with greater participation by women and youth; a simplified tax system that encourages tax collection; and an improved business environment that fosters competitiveness and the development of small businesses.

It also introduces comprehensive measures to upgrade the financial system, by increasing the supply of credit and cutting interest rates and strengthening skills in two strategic areas: telecommunications and energy. Lastly, these reforms promise investment in human capital and an improvement in the quality of education.

With the record investment planned for the National Infrastructure Plan, Mexico is improving its connectivity by building new roads, expanding railroads, and increasing port capacity and the development of airports, including a new one for Mexico City.

Through the implementation of structural changes and investment in cutting-edge infrastructure, Mexico is increasing its competitiveness and productivity, with the aim of becoming a more prosperous, inclusive economy.

This has been a difficult year for the world, marked by low oil prices, an economic downturn in emerging markets, sovereign debt problems in the Euro Zone and international financial anxiety. In this scenario, the G20 mandate to improve global economic governance and contribute to a strong, balanced and inclusive economic growth is more relevant than ever.

As G20 leaders, we have the responsibility to provide the necessary political will to accelerate growth and create better living conditions for our peoples. Together, we can make the necessary contributions to achieve this lofty task.