President Enrique Peña Nieto released a video showing the dynamics of the Fourth State of the Union Address.

"This year will be different, this year I will have a different state of the union address from the one traditionally presented”: EPN

On this occasion, he will meet with young people from across the country, representatives of different sectors of society, with whom he will have a conversation.

"With whom I can share what the government has done in these four years and the significance and importance of the great transformations we have promoted to construct the Mexico of the future": EPN

It will be a space to provide direct information on the government’s progress.

What has been the best thing about these four years of government?

"The most important thing has been to have made the changes and reforms that had been postponed for several decades, changes that it had not been possible to achieve.”

What has been the most difficult thing about these four years of government?

"Coping with the challenges, scenarios and sometimes complex moments, but always prioritizing the mission and privilege of being the president of Mexico, to influence the transformation and change Mexico needs."