President Enrique Peña Nieto is currently attending the Nuclear Safety Summit being held in Washington, DC on March 31 and April 1. Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico will be the only Latin American countries in attendance.

Mexico’s participation provides an opportunity to confirm its commitment to international efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, ensure the safety of nuclear materials and facilities, prevent and sanction nuclear terrorism and protect the right of all states to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.


1. Mexico will foster the fulfillment of commitments made at previous summits and their contribution to discussions at other multilateral forums on nuclear safety, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency.

2. It will encourage participating countries to frame national and international efforts regarding nuclear security in a broad context and move towards a nuclear weapons free world.

3. The Summit is an ideal platform for Mexico to contribute to dialogue and decision-making regarding one of the main challenges on the global agenda. 

The Summit was first held in 2010 as part of an initiative promoted by President Obama in 2009. Its objective is to promote international cooperation on nuclear security.

The meetings, held in Washington, The Hague and Prague, seek to approve policies and agreements to remove nuclear material from countries, ratify treaties on nuclear safety, strengthen regulations and improve technology to increase security. 


·  Further strengthen the national implementation of nuclear safety through tangible commitments.

·  Build an enduring global architecture on nuclear safety.

·  Heads of state and government are expected to issue a Joint Press Statement to confirm the validity of the plans and actions adopted during previous summits and the need to continue strengthening nuclear security issues at the national, regional and global level.

·  Agreements among nations are expected to encompass cybersecurity, the prevention of nuclear weapons trafficking and threats to nuclear power stations. 

·  For the first time ever, the summit will include a session on how to cope with the threat of a terrorist attack on a city and a drill on how to respond to nuclear terrorism.