The Federal Police has established itself as a modern, effective security institution with a high degree of social commitment.

A total of 1,222 promotion certificates were delivered, together with 1,734 economic incentives and 2,758 awards, diplomas and badges, extolling the courage, perseverance and determination that distinguish its elements.

In particular, the president paid tribute to members of the Federal Police who have died in the line of duty. Their relatives received Eagle Knight awards in honor of the heroic acts performed by their husbands, fathers and sons.

Loan and Credit Programs for Housing.

In 2013, the National Housing Program for Public Security Elements was launched, which has already authorized approximately 10,000 dwellings. This same program will be expanded over the next three years.

A Scholarship Program will also be launched for the children of federal police, currently attending middle or high school or college.

Both supports are intended to acknowledge the best police in Mexico: Federal Police.