According to the INEGI National Urban Public Security Survey, the Federal Police are perceived by Mexicans as the best trained police force.

President Enrique Peña Nieto led the commemoration of Federal Police Day and the 88th Anniversary of the Police Force. During the event, the president thanked members of the police for their strong discipline, high level of responsibility and permanent commitment to society.

He also paid tribute to those who, with exemplary courage, were killed or injured in the line of duty.  In the past year, seven members of the Federal Police force died serving their country. The president presented their relatives with Eagle Knight awards.

He also presented Merit Awards and Graduation Certificates, and swore in cadets from the Federal Police Vocational Training Academy.

New benefits

The government is working to ensure that members of the Federal Police and their families have decent benefits: social security, maternity and paternity leave, insurance and scholarships, seniority bonuses and retirement pensions.

  • The ISSSTE gives preferential access to its Child Development and Well-being Centers to the children of federal police, thereby sparing them from having to be on waiting lists.
  • A special, unprecedented program has been established for policemen and women to take advantage of mortgage loans, without having to wait for their names to be drawn by lot.
  • Policewomen are now eligible for Female Householders’ Life Insurance.

Police Career Structure

The National Security Commission has prioritized training to ensure that the Federal Police remain the most reliable, effective police force in the country.

In order to boost their training during this administration, two Regional Vocational Training Academies have been opened, where new capacities for analysis, research, intelligence, information processing and fighting organized crime are created.

Students graduate from these academies, “With the highest quality standards, having been trained to behave ethically and professionally”.

As of today, training in the Federal Police Academies will be recognized by the Public Education Secretariat as a Higher Education degree

 “The Federal Police’s actions must always be undertaken in strict compliance with the rule of law, its internal regulations and the protocols for the use of force. This is what I have instructed the National Security Commissioner to do”.

When a member of the police force departs from these guidelines, “It is the state’s responsibility to investigate and if necessary, sanction inappropriate behavior. This is how things should be done, as stipulated by the law." EPN