President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered equipment in agricultural wells together with the modernization of irrigation units and districts in the State of Zacatecas on World Water Day.

“This is a time to remember and create greater awareness of the value of the importance of water element, an element of life and one we must care for and preserve in addition to ensuring that all the population has access to this resource.”

Works and equipment involving an investment of approximately 1.3 billion pesos were delivered, including the equipment of wells, the modernization of Irrigation Districts and Units, and the new “Proaño” water treatment plant “Proaño.”

Together, these works will benefit over 10,000 producers. The plant will improve drinking water service, thereby improving the quality of life of over 100,000 inhabitants of Fresnillo.

High-level Panel on Water

In 2014, during the president’s participation in the United Nations, he called for the creation of a High Level Intergovernmental Panel; in which the world’s countries will participate to make global decisions, with technical and financial solutions.

Mexico will co-chair this intergovernmental panel, soon to be formally installed at the United Nations. The aim is for countries to make concrete commitments to ensure universal access to safe drinking water by 2030; as well as its sanitation and quality.

The panel will also seek to achieve efficient use of water resources and integrated management at all levels; protect ecosystems and expand international cooperation.

“The High Level Panel will make it possible to find technical and financial solutions for large-scale mitigation and adaptation to climate change. For the first time, we have a historic opportunity for the water issue to be addressed with global vision and planning.”

Mexico, preventive actions

Capacities are being upgraded to be able to provide early warnings and care, and prevent any risks that may arise.

Infrastructure is also being developed to preserve water, look after it, and streamline its use.

Irrigation channels are being built for water management and use in order to water plots of land more efficiently.

”Today, here in Zacatecas, we are delivering part of the infrastructure that has been developed precisely to take care of water and ensure access to it for thousands of people in our country who do not have this vital liquid, or have problems obtaining access to this resource.”