According to Mexican Social Security Institute figures, “In September, over 160,000 new formal jobs were registered in our country,” meaning that this administration has achieved a record figure for job creation: 2,503,000.


Economic growth, employment, consumption and inflation, are the indicators that reflect a country’s stable development.


Today it is possible to create a company through the Internet, at no cost and in just 24 hours.


Telecommunications Reform recognizes the right to access to information  and communication  technologies on a par with rights such as education and health services.


Mexico has overtaken Brazil as the seventh largest vehicle producer worldwide. 


Tourism accounts for 8.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and generates in the order of 9 million jobs directly and indirectly, he said.


The government made a commitment, during this administration, to promote the development of the countryside and the welfare of families who make their living from it.