The young guests are renowned for their effort and dedication.

The meeting was attended by the following people:

Civil protection and medical emergency technicians who work to protect citizens when natural disasters occur, gendarmerie representatives, activists in favor of the inclusion of people with disabilities.

- A representative of the migrant community who returned to Mexico to be with his family. A defender of Mexicans abroad specializing in consular issues. High-performance Olympic and Paralympic sportspeople and athletes who have achieved outstanding positions.

- Surgeons, nurses and medical and nursing students. Social entrepreneurs renowned for their innovative projects.

Agricultural entrepreneurs and farmers, 65 students from the whole country who are an example of academic excellence and have obtained a GPA of over 9.6.

Grant holders who have been trained for employment, internationally renowned creators and artistes famous for their skill and discipline in music, classical and folk dance, acting or theater.

Social networks influencers who have shown that technology is useful for discussing and solving public problems.