President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Delivery of Support to Indigenous Communities. During the event, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI) and the  Indigenous Heritage Foundation MX to support shelters.

Over 1,314 homes in 21 states are attended by approximately 75,000 indigenous children, who are taught there and have access to regular meals.

"The government has shown and will continue to show interest in supporting the development of indigenous peoples to preserve their culture, language, traditions, music, crafts and cultural heritage.”

Mexico is one of the world’s culturally richest nations. The 68 indigenous peoples who inhabit it are the repositories of ancestral traditions and customs expressed through their cuisine, crafts, music and languages.

The government works to ensure that indigenous peoples achieve inclusive development and improve their quality of life and income without losing their cultural identity or natural heritage.

Indigenous policy

- In the first three years of this administration, over 240 billion pesos were invested in the welfare and development of indigenous peoples. This figure is 36.6% higher in real terms than the investment made in the 2007-2009 period (176 billion pesos).

- Between January 2013 and December 2015, works and actions have been implemented for the benefit of six million indigenous people.  

- In basic infrastructure, over 5, 900 potable water, electricity, sewerage and road works have been implemented to attend over three and a half million inhabitants of indigenous towns as part of the Indigenous Infrastructure Program.

- Over 14,500 homes have been built.

- In social issues, PROSPERA supports a million and a half indigenous families; while the National Crusade against Hunger serves 405 indigenous municipalities.

- In education, more than 74,000 indigenous children and youth are provided with accommodation and/or food at over 300 homes and community kitchens in order to continue their studies.

- To promote their economic development, over 18,000 productive projects have been supported for the benefit of 234,000 indigenous people.  

- In order to protect their rights and facilitate their access to justice, over 980,000 Indigenous people have been assisted through legal support, gender equity and health actions.

The Cooperation Agreement between the CDI and the Indigenous Heritage Foundation MX will make it possible to provide a comprehensive training model for beneficiaries by combining productive, environmental sustainability and cultural preservation projects.

“The Indigenous Heritage Foundation will support us, not only through funds in addition to those invested by the government, but also through this model that has been shared to develop and enable the children living in indigenous shelters or houses to adopt this model developed by the foundation so that they can grow and have a better environment in which to live and train so that they can to achieve their dreams, today and tomorrow.”