During the three years of this administration,  17,000 kilometers of roads, highways and rural roads have been built and modernized.

Examples of this infrastructure include the Bulevar Industria Automotriz in Puebla which involved an investment of 729 million pesos and benefits 762,000 people.

The importance of this boulevard is also reflected in the automotive industry, since it provides access to the Finsa Industrial Park Puebla II that will house 40 companies linked to the sector.

Together with this boulevard, President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the D9 Distributor Road, which involved an investment of 883 million pesos, eases traffic through the city of Puebla and improves road links with the center of the country.

Works such as this consolidate infrastructure works as an engine of development that allows the arrival of greater investment, which translates into more and better jobs for Mexicans.