The President’s Office received the Certificate for the Accreditation of the Mexican Standard on Fair Employment and Non-Discrimination.

The certification is awarded a year after President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the new Mexican Standard NMX-R-025_SCF1-2015 for Fair Employment and Non-Discrimination.

”Obtaining this document is a collective achievement of all its members, since it accredits compliance with the requirements of this standard,” Carlos Ramírez Velasco, General Administrative Coordinator of the President’s Office.

The president has instructed that like the President’s Office, the entire Federal Public Administration should comply with this Mexican Standard. 

Lorena Cruz Sánchez, President of the National Women’s Institute (INMUJERES), said that this is the first time a president has raised the issue of equality and the prevention of violence against women to the highest level, and chaired the National System for Equality between Men and Women, on August 8.

“As President Peña Nieto rightly said: Mexico should begin by setting its own house in order. We can not ask companies or academic institutions to achieve this certification, if we do not do so ourselves,” Lorena Cruz.

Certification will provide a greater number of women with access to more opportunities, in both the work and family sphere.