President Enrique Peña Nieto highlighted the progress and benefits of education reform to date, during the Teacher's Day celebration at the official residence of Los Pinos. 

“Education reform demands commitment and determination from all of us. Fully complying with this is one of society’s demands. It is mandated by law, and the government will continue working until it achieves it.”

Today we have the Performance Evaluation, a new model of professionalism, making it possible to identify teachers’ strengths and needs.

On the other hand, merit, effort and results are rewarded.

During this 2015-2016 school year, 134,000 teachers have already been evaluated, representing nearly 90% of the goal set. 

Over 10,000 were rated “excellent” or “outstanding”.  Their efforts earned them a direct basic salary increase of 24% for teachers in high school education and 35% for those in basic education.

Additionally, through the SEP-ISSSTE agreement, the dedication of these same teachers will be rewarded with preferential access to housing and personal loans.

On the basis of the  results of the Performance Evaluation, personalized training will also be provided for teachers who so require, including face-to-face and on-line teaching support.

This year, the teacher training budget stands at over 1.8 billion pesos, a 9% increase over last year.

“Professional Teacher Development is very important and represents a big change, but the Education Reform is even broader We are aware that providing quality education is a responsibility in which society as a whole must accompany our educators.”

The autonomous management of each school community is being strengthened so that teachers, administrators and parents can decide what best suits their school; determine how to allocated the funds their schools receive and adjust the School Calendar to suit their needs.

 Efforts are being made to ensure that schools across the country have appropriate infrastructure, equipment and educational materials.

Through the Hundred Per Cent Schools Program, 50 billion pesos are being invested to improve more than 33,000 schools by 2018.

In another line of action, in the coming weeks the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) will present new plans and curricula, to adjust to new and professional teaching requirements.

"In short, we can say that we are reorganizing the entire national education system to place it at the service of schools and students, to have more, better trained teachers, and more autonomous school management, decent educational infrastructure, and curricula that will be able to meet the challenges and demands of today.

On Teacher's Day we can say that Mexico is changing for good.”