Attendees at this National Forum were informed of the efforts to professionalize police work throughout the country, for which the government is promoting a new model of integral police development.

This comprehensive scheme begins with the selection and admission of policemen and women and accompanies them throughout their professional development until retirement.

Four key agreements have been reached for the professionalization of the police force:

1. Implementation of the Professionalization Program, which is already being applied to elements of the Federal Police Force.

2. Management Training: 29, 000 mid- and senior-level Federal Police officers have been trained and training is open to municipal elements.

3. Training for the New Criminal Justice System. This training will be provided for the over 300,000 policemen and women to familiarize them with the new Penal Reform and enable them to enforce it.

4. Enhancement of police work. We are convinced that having society revalue police work is the first step towards its total revaluation. The government is seeking to offer employee benefits to ensure their personal safety and that of their families.

To have better police it is essential for the three levels of government to assume and work for the commitment to achieve the effective professionalization of security elements.