President Enrique Peña Nieto led the edition of the Mexico Business Summit in Guadalajara, Jalisco, a state affected by Hurricane Patricia.

On October 23, Jalisco was one of the three states with an early warning system in preparation for the hurricane.

Due to the intensity of the winds, international agencies and organizations classified it as the most dangerous hurricane in history.

Faced with this emergency, Mexicans prepared for the worst, preventive measures were taken and established protocols followed.

Mexico waited for the impact with unity and integrity; the whole country was united while the authorities deployed the prevention and support protocols at full capacity.

Within hours, Patricia evolved from tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane, during which time Mexicans prepared to cope with it. On the basis of our well-developed culture of Civil Protection, everyone did their part in a responsible fashion.

United, we were ready to face and cope with the adverse scenario predicted by experts.

With this same unity, Mexicans have driven the changes for our country; we are able to overcome challenges and move Mexico forward.