This contrasts with what used to happen in certain parts of the country, where the only way to improve their income was to participate in activities that were unrelated to their classroom performance.

Education Reform is intended to support, train and promote teachers. It was designed to improve Mexican teachers' income on the basis of their merits.

Education Reform does not punish or sanction anyone. On the contrary, it seeks to promote teachers' professional development.

Teaching Evaluation provides significant benefits for teachers.

1. No-one will lose their job. In the event teachers fail to be rated as sufficient, they will receive support in the form of tutorships and continuous training to enable them to be re-assessed.

2. - Those who achieve the minimum level of sufficiency  will be awarded a teaching position for four years and the tools to continue their professional development.

3. - Those whose performance is rated as "Good" will by promoted by increasing their number of teaching hours.

4. - Those rated as “Outstanding” will obtain a salary increase of up to 35%.

5. - High school teachers rated as “Excellent” will either be promoted or raised to a different category in order to be able to earn more while maintaining the same function.

6. - Those working in rural zones rated as “Good” will receive a salary increase of up to 41%, which directly enhances equity in education.