That was the idea when Mexico joined the GATT in 1986 and in 1994, when it signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, an innovative platform worldwide Now, in 2015, Mexico is once again at the Forefront.

Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were completed on October 6.

This is an agreement signed by 12 member states on three continents, creating a comprehensive new free trade zone where the most diverse productive vocations of each nation are complemented and presented as a trading platform with the highest standards worldwide.

The TPP creates an area of opportunity overlooked by the FTA: it opens a chapter for Small and Medium Enterprises, in which it was agreed to promote a model of growth in the value chain of the role played by SMEs. It was therefore decided to give the same value to both physical products and Electronic Services and Commerce.

Through these channels, SMEs will be able to join the commercial chain via e-commerce, placing not only materials on the market but also their talent as regards service and creativity in intangible products.

The TPP opens a new window for 200 million potential customers. Mexican companies will enter new markets and strengthen their presence in the Latin American and North American markets.