President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Closing Ceremony of the 51st Ordinary Meeting of the National Governors’ Conference (CONAGO).

He said that the government will always be willing and interested in supporting the states.

”We want each state to achieve its own success and the projects it has planned: EPN

The president thanked the governors for supporting the 2017 budget package.

The budget adjustment to state spending will be 0.4 percent, although investments and contributions will increase by approximately 5.9 percent.

 “This requires us to conduct an exercise within governments, at both levels, so that with fewer resources, we will be able to continue implementing the programs to support the most vulnerable, disadvantaged sectors, and maintain programs so that they have a much more significant social impact on our societies”: EPN


Security: There is a need to be coordinated and to focus efforts on the places and municipalities where there has been an upward trend again, in certain municipalities where a shared, coordinated, specific strategy remains in place.

“Today we are committed to joining forces so that once again we can maintain a downward trend in crime”: EPN

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030: the Governors and Mayor of Mexico City decided to create a Technical Committee to monitor how states can advance the objectives outlined in the 2030 Development Agenda  and how they should be achieved.

Inclusion: The state governors pledged to set specific policies in different states, and to create a Committee on Development and Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities.

Finance: With complete transparency and openness, the government will implement the various mechanisms, routes and forms of support in keeping with its attributes, to support the financial reorganization of the states that so require.

"The government cannot replace the powers or responsibilities of each state government": EPN

Relationship with the United States: Dialogue will be the path for building a new agenda in bilateral relations.

“We are determined to make dialogue and politics the means of maintaining a relationship of mutual, harmonious and constructive respect between Mexico and the United States”: EPN