President Enrique Peña Nieto declared that one of the pillars of the 2013-2018  National Development Plan is to achieve an Inclusive Mexico to narrow the social gaps that still exist in the country.

To this end, the government undertook concrete actions to guarantee social rights for all Mexicans.

·        In 2013, we launched the National Crusade against Hunger benefiting 4.5 million people through different actions.

·        7,900 community kitchens provide meals to children, the elderly and pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Through this program, we have managed to reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty in 20 states.

We transformed the Oportunidades program into the PROSPERA Social Inclusion Program, expanding its benefits and the number of people supported.

PROSPERA is designed to enable more people to join Mexico’s productive life.

·        It supports 6.9 million families.

·        Students will be able to receive college scholarships and job seekers will have priority in the National Employment Service.

·        There are 15 productive programs in which poor families can participate.

·        5.7 million Senior Citizens have access to a pension.

·        5.9 million mothers have Female Head of Household Insurance.

·        Over 57 million Mexicans now have access to the Popular Insurance Scheme.