The governments of Mexico and Canada affirmed the importance of a renewed strategic partnership based on the fundamental values of democracy, respect for human rights, diversity, inclusion, gender equality, the rights of indigenous peoples, good government and the rule of law.

They also included improved economic opportunities and respect for our shared environment.

The renewed strategic alliance will focus on four areas:

1. Strengthening ties between Mexicans and Canadians 2. Facilitating the mobility of our people 3. Promoting shared, inclusive prosperity. 4. Promoting public safety and demonstrating regional and global leadership.

To further enhance and deepen the bilateral commitment, the two leaders announced the launch of the Mexico-Canada High-Level Strategic Dialogue (HLSD), to be chaired by the respective foreign ministers with advice and support from other members of the Cabinet, as appropriate.

The HLSD will be structured around the four axes indicated above. The first meeting will be held in Mexico in October 2016.

"As we face the challenges of today and the next few decades, we will be committed to working in a spirit of cooperation, common goals and mutual respect. Together, we will strive to become progressive, inclusive societies that value diversity, good governance and respect for human dignity”. Joint statement.