The Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, and the President of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur (INADEM, by its initials in Spanish), Enrique Jacob Rocha, led the presentation of the National Week of the Entrepreneur 2015, the most important business and entrepreneurship event of Mexico to be held 5 to 10 October at the Expo Bancomer Santa Fe.

In this edition, the National Week of the Entrepreneur is reinvented, with the responsibility to improve year after year and offer more attractive, useful and practical things to all attendees. It will have the support of universities so the future entrepreneurs can attend the event with a particular aim in mind, a business plan, contacts; but above all, with motivation and business tools.

World-class events such as the Meeting of the Latin American Economic System (SELA, by its initials in Spanish), with the participation of 20 countries, and the announcement of the Mass Challenge in Latin America (Mexico as a host) will be held.

It will feature the best poster and offer, with entrepreneurs and national and international icons such as: Uri Levine, Jordi Muñoz, Rosario Marín, Ricardo Salinas Pliego and Salim Ismail of Singularity University, among others.

The Secretary of Economy noted that in the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto "has been consolidated the creation of the INADEM, the Entrepreneur Network and the integration of a National Entrepreneurship Fund, which has guaranteed transparency and solidity".

He stressed that the most important contribution that is made "is sort the efforts, coordinate the synergies and to continue planning how to multiply the joint efforts, creating a further easing for public policy and putting all possible instruments of the Economy as a sector and at the service of the entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Mexico".

In his speech, Enrique Jacob Rocha, President of INADEM highlighted that in the National Week of the Entrepreneur 2015, the success stories that participate will inspire to entrepreneurs on making their choice to start their businesses, and that small business owners will get various supports and solutions for starting their business or grow their micro, small or medium-sized businesses.

"We are working to make the National Week for Entrepreneur 2015 the platform of launch of the most relevant entrepreneurial ecosystem that Mexicans need", stated Enrique Jacob.

The event was attended by Marcus Dantus Mochan, CEO of Startup Mexico; Rogelio Garza Garza, UnderSecretary of Industry and Commerce; Rocio Ruíz Chávez, UnderSecretary of Competitiveness and Regulations; Octavio Rangel Frausto, Senior Officer of the Secretariat of Economy; Juan Pablo Castañón Castañón, President of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX, by its initials in Spanish).

They also were present the success stories of INADEM such as Melissa Jiménez and Itzel Ábrego, of the company "Misceláneos Comunicación"; Ramón Escobar, of "Tequila Soft"; Begoña Ortiz, of "Páginas Verdes"; Mariano Jacinto Esteban, of "Endotzi"; Pamela Wong Téllez, of "Pink Magnolia"; Diego Castillo, of “La Chinampa"; and Enrique Ruesga, of "Road Jack".