· With these documents, they obtain legal certainty over the property they own.

· In the next few days, 20,000 property deeds will be delivered; thereby speeding up the process to reduce the backlog of over 150,000 cases, he said.

· In 2015, according to data from INEGI, Mexico's economy grew 2.5 percent. In the first three years of government, the country's economy has grown by an accumulated total of slightly more than  6 percent, he said.

· Today our country is projecting itself with the strength and potential it will have in the coming years, so much so that more investment is coming to Mexico: during the first three years of this administration, FDI was almost $100 billion USD, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto handed over title deed, proofs of payment of mortgages and land titles to 3,000 families in the state of Tamaulipas, thereby granting them legal certainty over the property they have.

At the event, held at the Cebú Livestock Exhibition Centre in Altamira, the president said that today, 500 title deeds issued by the National Agrarian Registry were delivered, together with 2,500 title deeds and proof of mortgage payment issued by INFONAVIT , FOVISSSTE, the Tamaulipas Institute of Housing and Urban Development, and CORETT for the benefit of Tamaulipas families from the municipalities of Aldama, Altamira, Antiguo Morelos, Ciudad Madero, González, Mante, Soto la Marina and Tampico.

He said that, over the next few days, in coordination with the Government of Tamaulipas, the government will deliver another 20,000 property deeds and titles, and in the town of Altamira, 18,000 properties will be regularized. This, he added, will streamline the process of reducing the backlog of more than 150,000 records.

“The government has undertaken actions, policies and changes that mean greater well-being for the population,” he added. He said that these actions are important, “Because they provide certainty to families who, although they may already have their land and a house, until they have a document, a piece of paper that legally protects this property, they will never have the peace of mind that if they die, there will be certainty about who is the owner of that property, that land they live on."

He recalled that he has instructed to the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU) to “bring order and to encourage or induce development in certain areas in which we are certain they will have the basic services required by any housing development, and to accelerate the process and prevent it from taking many years.”

In SEDATU, he said, a process of re-engineering has been undertaken to accelerate the delivery of property titles, “So that what previously took several years, from three to five years, will now not take more than six months.”


After handing over the property deeds, President Peña Nieto said that despite the global context of economic slowdown, “Our economy is advancing and growing, and we have grown more than in previous administrations.”

He announced that, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), and despite the world scenario, our economy grew 2.5 percent in 2015, “And thus, in these first three years, our economy has grown slightly more than 6 percent over 2012.”

He recalled that today our country is projecting itself with the strength and potential it will have in the coming years, so much so that more investment is coming to Mexico.”

He said that according to data from the Ministry of Economy, “In these first three years, Foreign Direct Investment was in the order of $100 billion USD, once again a record, a higher level of investment than we had ever had in the first three years of the administration.”

He noted that, “We have economic stability, low inflation, the lowest rate registered in the country’s economy since inflation began to be measured.”

“These are good signs, good signals. We will continue working to act with great responsibility in the government’s administrative and financial management of the scenarios that the world is presenting, to ensure the well-being of Mexican families by creating conditions of stability, such as those we have today in inflation, macroeconomic conditions and job creation,” he explained.

The president announced that the Port of Altamira is in a process of modernization, “With an investment of over $5 billion USD, whereby we will almost triple its capacity and thereby boost the economic development of this region of the state of Tamaulipas, and certainly make Altamira one of the largest ports in the country.”


SEDATU has been entrusted with a very important task by President Enrique Peña Nieto: providing security and certainty to members of society that have the greatest need of it and meeting their demand for justice, said head of SEDATU Rosario Robles Berlanga.

”What people want is justice. He has told us that we must protect and shelter those with least,” said Robles Berlanga, noting that SEDATU is working on this in two ways: building homes and providing security through possession of a title deed.

She said that in Tamaulipas, in the first three years of the administration, more than 30,000 subsidies have been granted to families earning less than five minimum wages so that they can purchase a home, while INFONAVIT has granted 53,000 loans for the same purpose and is working with the government of this state to recover abandoned dwellings.

“In this country, as you have instructed us, we cannot allow there to be people without homes or dwellings without people. We must resolve this contradiction and ensure that all Mexicans have access to housing,” she said.


Governor of Tamaulipas Egidio Torre Cantú thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for continuing to improve the living conditions of Tamaulipas by delivering title deeds to families in the state, and said that this represents,  “An action of great importance that grants legal certainty and significantly strengthens family assets.”

In addition to granting legal certainty, he said, “A property deed also means that they own a piece of this extraordinary land which we love and which we carry inside. It means they have a bit of this wonderful country of which we all feel very proud.”

Moreover, he said, “It is an action with a profound human connection that brings satisfaction, joy and happiness to our homes. It is undoubtedly a dream that has been cherished for many years and has now crystallized,  and come true.”

He explained that through coordination and teamwork between the three levels of government, in recent years, the government has managed to regularize thousands of properties in various parts of Tamaulipas, from the border region, in the San Fernando Valley, the Central Region and the high tableland.

He thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto because, “Despite the budgetary restrictions, his support for Tamaulipas has been and remains total and permanent. “This is borne out by the works and actions in this metropolitan area, which are improving the quality of life of its inhabitants,” such as the system of storm drains, the recently-completed General Carlos Canseco Hospital in Tampico, and the General Heriberto Espinosa Hospital in Ciudad Madero, currently under construction and the modernization of Avenida Monterrey.


On behalf of the Tamaulipas families who benefited from the Asset Security Program, Andrea Hernández Alvarado, a resident of the municipality of Altamira, said that the delivery of title deeds was a cherished dream that has now come true.

She noted that the documents issued have great value because they mean peace, security and increase the value of their property. "Today, we can say, Mr. President, that a piece of Mexico is finally ours. Heartfelt thanks for taking care of us, not leaving us alone, and undertaking actions such as this that provide our families with a higher standard of living.”