In the framework of the celebration of Day of the Dead, Telecommunications of Mexico, dedicated an offering to the compatriots who have lost their lives outside our country or in the dangerous journey to the American dream, also, it is dedicated to those who have fought for the recognition of the rights of the Mexican community residing abroad and to anonymous heroes and heroines who with their effort have contributed to the development of Mexico, of their families and communities.



The offering dedicated to the Migrants, is composed of characteristic colors of our Mexican culture, so minced paper was used that represents the joy and festivity of the Day of the Dead, also, marigold flowers were mounted, their petals serve as a guide to the deceased to find the offering; With the sawdust painted, a mat was made that represents the festivity of receiving souls, in particular this one, has elements of the path of the migrant, such as the desert and the river.



Other elements present were: The arch at the top of the altar that symbolizes the entrance to the world of the dead, copal and incense are placed in the offering to cleanse and purify the energies of the environment; Salt is offered to the dead as a symbol of purification; candles, candles and candles are a guiding light for the deceased in this world; the glass of water, reflects the purity of the soul, the continuous heaven of the regeneration of life and sowing it and is on this altar so that the spirit of migrants can quench their thirst after the journey from the world of the dead; Food & Drink they have been placed in representation of the land and correspond to the main drinks and typical Mexican dishes and are on the altar so that in your visit you can enjoy it; the sweets and toys are for the "dead children," migrant children who did not survive the journey; Finally, you can see a depiction of the journey migrants face from dangerous terrain when crossing the border, including the oppressive heat of the desert and dangerous waters to the violence of border wall police.



Through this small space and these elements, it is intended to maintain the memory of Mexican migrants.