• They sign an agreement that will benefit women from 55 of the Oaxacan municipalities in which there is no bank presence
  • They will provide financial education to Oaxacan women so that they have access to financial credits, life insurance and home insurance
  • Financiera para el Bienestar has 126 branches in the state where various financial services are provided

Within the framework of International Women's Day, Financiera para el Bienestar signed a collaboration agreement with the government of Oaxaca and state secretariats. The event was led by the general director of Financiera para el Bienestar, Rocío Mejía Flores, and by the entity's governor, Salomón Jara Cruz.

The signing of the framework agreement with the government of Oaxaca will be the door to new alliances with their secretariats to contribute to the well-being of 55 municipalities that do not have a bank presence, and women will receive financial training to reduce the financial gap in the entity.


The general director of Financiera para el Bienestar, Rocío Mejía Flores, mentioned that this is a great job that will strengthen and empower the women of the entity in favor of their economic independence through training and employment promotion.

Governor Jara Cruz pointed out that in order to achieve the true transformation that Oaxaca needs, it is essential to promote strategic, innovative and sustainable projects that allow the empowerment of women.


It is worth mentioning that, in Oaxaca, Financiera para el Bienestar is present in 126 municipalities and has 132 branches, where financial services are offered with the purpose of reducing the financial gap:

Payment and sending of remittances, deposit and cash withdrawal, as well as credit card payment from more than 10 banks, sale of airtime and sale of the CFE Internet para Todos chip (available in 28 branches), opening savings accounts cetesdirecto (available in 24 branches in the state), among others. You can also purchase the Finabien México Card, with which you can receive remittances and make cash deposits, as well as purchases in stores and online.


This act is the beginning of joint actions in favor of the population of the state of Oaxaca.

Present at this event were the General Director of Trusts Established in Relation to Agriculture (FIRA), Alan Elizondo Flores; and the state manager of Finabien in Oaxaca, Luz Irene del Carmen Montes.

On behalf of the government of Oaxaca: the Secretary of Government, José de Jesús Romero López; the Secretary for Women, Elisa Zepeda Laguna; and the Secretary of Economic Development, Raúl Ruiz Robles,

On behalf of Prodesarrollo, the president, Diego Duque Robledo; and the general director, Claudia Revilla Ostos.

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