On the fifth of November 2022, it was 171 years since the Introduction of the Telegraph in Mexico, genesis and development of communication in our country, where a group led by Don Juan de la Granja was given the task of uniting through the Telegraph an entire people with the countries of the different continents.

The staff that makes up the Telecommunications Agency of Mexico, now Financial for Well-being, from border to border throughout the nation, proudly celebrates the mission of the exercise of communication that we have exercised during 171 years of transmission and reception, adapting to all technological changes and all historical eras. Always putting the service of users first, regardless of the schedule or weather, traveling great distances to obtain that telegram or money order that will solve the family or economic situations of those who rely on our services.

We started with a new commitment as Financial for Well-being, with the objectives of continuing to communicate with Mexico, with new assignments, which contribute to financial and digital inclusion focused on providing more and better services throughout the country, mainly in remote and difficult to access areas, "SERVING WITH EFFICIENCY AND COURTESY IS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE OUR MISSION".