Ambassador Beatriz Paredes Rangel and CONADE Director General Alfredo Castillo Cervantes met for the first time to discuss the needs of the Mexican athletes, tourists and media traveling to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The interagency meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry and attended by the Director General for South America, Margarita Pérez Villaseñor, and Foreign Ministry officials.

The head of CONADE explained the process followed by the sports delegation to Rio 2016. Ambassador Paredes discussed with Foreign Ministry consular officials and the CONADE Deputy Director for Quality, Valentín Yáñez, what the Mexican embassy in Brazil has done in preparation for the Mexicans who will be coming to the event.

Alfredo Castillo confirmed that CONADE will cover the requirements of the Mexican sports delegation for their participation in the Olympics, in coordination with the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM). He said that the athletes would be suitably prepared, the qualification process for those still seeking an Olympic berth would be duly followed and each would have sufficient coverage.

Ambassador Paredes said she was ready to meet the needs of the Mexican delegation in the leadup to Rio 2016 and to assist all Mexicans planning on traveling to Brazil in August for the Olympic Games.

The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee estimates that there will be at least one million visitors to the Olympics, of which about 35,000 could be Mexicans, due to the promotional campaigns of the sponsoring brands in Mexico.

The two officials agreed to continue their meetings in order to resolve all issues related to Mexican tourism to the Olympic Games in Brazil and to report on any alerts or on any specific actions to improve their trips.