• The Foreign Ministry will evacuate all diplomatic personnel and their families from Ecuador on Sunday, April 7.
  • The Embassy of Mexico will remain closed indefinitely.

At the instruction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, is coordinating the return of our diplomatic personnel accredited in Ecuador and their families after the violent attack carried out by the Ecuadorian police on the Embassy of Mexico on Friday night, April 5.

The group of 18 people will travel on Sunday, April 7, on a commercial flight from Ecuador to Mexico City. A large number of countries—friends and allies—with embassies in Ecuador have offered their support to ensure the safety of our fellow Mexicans, and will accompany them to the airport in Quito.

The Embassy of Mexico in Ecuador will remain closed indefinitely, as will its consular services. The Mexican and business community in Ecuador (more than 1,600 people) can continue to receive assistance through the Registration System for Mexicans Abroad (SIRME) and from the Mexican embassies in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

“We are looking after our diplomats; they are not alone. They have shown dignity and decorum, as seen by the attitude of Raquel Serur, our ambassador, and Roberto Canseco, deputy chief of mission at the embassy,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Foreign Secretary Alicia Bárcena Ibarra said, “Family, friends and fellow Mexicans: Mexico will always ensure your safety and respect for your rights.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Directorate General for Consular Protection and Strategic Planning, provides the following contact information for Mexicans living in or visiting Ecuador:

Registration System for Mexicans Abroad

Emergency contact information for the Embassy of Mexico in Ecuador:

Emergency phone numbers for the Embassy of Mexico in Colombia:

  • Local: 3138786028
  • International: 00 573 138786028

Emergency contact information for the Embassy of Mexico in Chile:

  • Local: +56 9 9682 3061
  • International: 00 56 9 9682 3061
  • Facebook: Embajada de México en Chile
  • Twitter: @EmbaMexChi
  • Instagram: @Embamexchi
  • Email: consultasconsulares@emexico.cl

Emergency contact information for the Embassy of Mexico in Peru:

  • International: 0051987569404
  • WhatsApp (emergencies): +51987569404
  • Facebook: @embamexperu
  • Twitter: @EmbaMexPer
  • Email: embperu@sre.gob.mx

The Government of Mexico strongly condemns the violation of the immunity of its embassy and diplomatic personnel and reiterates that it will appeal to the International Court of Justice and all relevant regional and international bodies after this clear and flagrant violation of international law.

Mexico appreciates the expressions of solidarity and support received from heads of state, leaders and civil organizations from countries around the world.