• The United States has responded favorably to Mexico's request to increase labor mobility in the region by providing 65,000 new work visas and 24,000 people with ways to join the U.S. job market.
  • Starting today, the two governments will launch a new system for requesting entrance to the U.S. that prioritizes entry by air instead of over the border with Mexico, based on the successful Uniting for Ukraine program.

The United States government has accepted the request of the Mexican government to substantially increase labor mobility in the region. The new proposal represents important and innovative progress towards the shared goal of ensuring orderly, safe, regular and humane migration.

In response to Mexico's request and the two countries' shared vision of labor mobility, the United States has announced that it will grant an additional 65,000 H2-B visas for temporary non-agricultural workers, of which 20,000 will be for people from Central America and Haiti. In addition, both governments reiterate their support for international development cooperation programs that provide opportunities directly to migrants' communities of origin.

Beginning today, the United States will take steps to allow 24,000 Venezuelan migrants to enter the U.S. by air. Only applicants who comply with the rules of the program and do not try to cross at the Mexico-U.S. border will be accepted under the new process.  Migrants in Mexican territory must prove that they entered Mexico before today in order to be able to request entry into the U.S.  Those who enter Mexico beginning today will not be able to submit their application from within our country.

Applicants under the new program must have the support of a person or organization in the United States. Applicants will then enter the U.S. by air and may apply for work during their immigration process. 

The first stage of the new program is aimed at Venezuelan citizens.  With this program, those who seek to enter the United States will be able to do so in a more orderly, safe, regular and humane manner. The program discourages undocumented crossings that put migrants' safety at risk.

Given the current increase in migration and the need for orderly, safe, regular and humane access for migrants in the region, Mexico will temporarily allow some Venezuelan citizens to enter our national territory across the northern border. This continues Mexico's unilateral policy of receiving migrants under Title 42 for humanitarian reasons.

The Government of Mexico will strengthen its policies and programs to ensure the rights of migrants in our country, in close coordination with international organizations. The actions being taken by our two governments are temporary measures to manage migration that will be analyzed periodically by both governments to improve implementation and evaluate the results and the program’s continuity.