Mexico and Switzerland are celebrating the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations, established on December 22, 1945.

Over the course of seven decades, the two countries have forged strong bonds of friendship and cooperation, based on broad areas of agreement on principles and interests, with a long-term, constructive and mutually beneficial focus.

The anniversary is being commemorated in both countries with programs that reflect the good political relationship, the value and the richness of our cultures and the strength of our economic exchanges, all of which encourage closer ties and a better understanding between our societies.  

In this context and in order to promote the political and economic ties and trade between the two countries, the Foreign Ministers of the two countries met on May 14, 2015 and held their seventh meeting for political consultations on December 15, 2015.

To mark the occasion, the Mexican embassy in Switzerland organized the following cultural events: The “Poestate” Poetry Festival; a concert in the Yehudi Menuhin Forum; a seminar on tourism in Mexico: “Mexico – Live it to Believe it”; a food festival “Taste of Mexico”; a Day of the Dead altar; the 17th International Film Festival “Filming in Latin America” and the 4th Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival. In addition, Mexico was the guest of honor at the Comptoir Suisse Trade Fair (from September 12-21, 2015) and Züspa (September 23 to October 4, 2015).

In Mexico, Switzerland organized “La Verita,’” a show by choreographer Daniele Finzi Pasca, and the film festival "Gems of Swiss Filmmaking" at the Cineteca Nacional. In addition, Switzerland will also be the guest of honor at the 31st International Film Festival in Guadalajara.

On behalf of the Mexican government, the Foreign Ministry is firmly committed to continuing to promote and strengthen the fruitful collaboration between our countries in the bilateral, regional and multilateral arenas, as partners par excellence and actors with global responsibility.