At the instruction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Foreign Ministry has successfully located all 371 foreign nationals reported as missing in Acapulco in the aftermath of Hurricane Otis.

Nineteen different diplomatic representations in Mexico asked for information about their nationals. In response, and at the instruction of President López Obrador, Foreign Secretary Alicia Bárcena appointed the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (Amexcid), headed by Executive Director Gloria Sandoval Salas, to locate the individuals.

The search began the day after the unprecedented category 5 hurricane hit Mexico’s Pacific coast.

In addition to locating all of the 371 individuals whose whereabouts were sought by their countries, the tragic deaths of three foreign nationals were confirmed: one American, one British and one Canadian citizen died as a result of the storm.

The Ministries of Defense (Sedena) and the Mexican Navy (Semar) coordinated closely with the representations of the different countries to identify and locate their nationals.

Foreign Ministry officials combed the neighborhoods of Acapulco to locate the foreign tourists and residents. 

One of the individuals located successfully was Claus Peter Marx, of German nationality, and his Mexican wife Angelica Gomez, both elderly, who were found in the upper part of Acapulco. They were flown from Acapulco to the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City.

Natalia Orga Patrón, a Uruguayan national, and her three daughters were also located, among others. They were taken to the Acapulco airport for a flight to Mexico City, as well.

Some of those located said they would remain in Acapulco, and their consulates were informed.

One of these cases involves Spanish citizen Luis Callado Agudo, who decided to stay in Acapulco for the time being in order to conduct some legal business related to his property losses.

In addition to Semar and Sedena, state authorities and officials from the Guerrero State Attorney General's Office, through its Deputy Attorney General's Tourist Office, collaborated in locating individuals by combing entire neighborhoods.

The Foreign Ministry also highlights and thanks the countries and international agencies that have sent food, and technical and specialized support to the citizens of Acapulco.


  • 371 individuals reported missing and located in the following 15 days.
  • 19 countries were assisted.
  • 5 Amexcid officials in Acapulco, assisted by Semar and Sedena, located the missing individuals.