The federal government has four priority areas: human rights, security, governance and migration, while always respecting the rule of law, said Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.

Speaking at the 27th meeting of Mexican ambassadors and consuls, he said that Mexico is fully open to and cooperates with the human rights system, while “insisting on respect for our Constitution, recognition of our progress and a fair assessment of reality,” he said. 

He added that human dignity is the principle that guides the government’s actions because, he said, Mexico has an unwavering commitment to human rights.

The Secretary of the Interior noted that the government has a comprehensive security policy that is strengthened with the new single-command state police force, which will make 1,800 different police forces into 32 professional and reliable state police forces.

The governance of our country is guaranteed because conflicts are addressed and solutions are reached. Mexico is enriched as a country by its plural nature. “We believe policy that listens and includes, and that includes to transform.’’

On migration, the Interior Secretary stated that the government has made specific responses to the situation at each border. Migration, he said, is not a problem but an opportunity, and the way to address it is not with walls but with bridges.

Referring to the work done by the ambassadors and consuls, the Secretary of the Interior emphasized that their daily work helps the world to see the true face of Mexico as it progresses, modernizes and is transformed.

"Mexico has faced its challenges with determination and openness. It has had the prudence and fortitude to continue its transformation,” he said.

The work is not finished, he acknowledged, but the federal government is aware of what the country needs and what society demands.