On behalf of the Mexican government, the Foreign Ministry reports that in the wake of the recent natural disasters in both Mexico and Cuba and as a reflection of the close friendship between both nations, the two governments have agreed on reciprocal aid to help with both emergencies.

The forty-one members of the renowned "Henry Reeve" Brigade arrived in Oaxaca, Mexico today, with gynecologists, neurosurgeons, general surgeons, psychiatrists, and orthopedic, trauma and pediatrics specialists, among others, as well as mobile hospital equipment. They will work with federal and state health officials to assist the residents in Juchitán, Oaxaca and environs who were affected by the recent earthquakes.

For its part, in the coming days, Mexico will send a brigade of specialists to Cuba to help with the production, distribution and transmission of electricity to help mitigate the damage there.  The ultimate goal of the Mexican brigade, provided by the CFE, is to design a strategy to restore electricity in Cuba.

Mexico thanks the Cuban people and government for their invaluable demonstration of solidarity and reaffirms its belief that only together can challenges such as the ones facing our countries today be overcome.