On behalf of the Government of Mexico, the Foreign Ministry has been assisting all Mexican citizens who have wanted to return to Mexico from the very beginning of the current health emergency. Our embassies and consulates around the world are working at maximum capacity to address the imposition of very different national and regional restrictions, the constant cancellation of flights and reduced service on various routes.

Assistance was first focused on travelers in Asia.  Recently, however, requests for assistance have come mostly from Europe and Latin America, and from transit hubs and tourist sites in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mexico has received help from several different governments, and from airlines and transport companies. As a result of this coordination, Mexico has directly arranged for over a thousand people to return to the country, and has helped many more from countries such as China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras , Ecuador, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Morocco, the United Kingdom and Russia. It continues to look for ways to repatriate Mexicans who are still in other countries.

The Government of Mexico will continue to provide consular assistance and protection to all affected Mexican citizens.  In addition, it will continue to make a special effort in places where there are currently fewer transportation options.  Mexico's diplomatic offices will continue to inform Mexicans abroad about the local conditions, any measures that have been put in place and the applicable hygiene recommendations.

Returning tourists to their homes is a challenge faced by all governments given the current global scenario.  The Mexican government is exploring opportunities to coordinate with key partners who can contribute to this effort.

It reiterates that Mexicans should avoid all international travel that is not strictly necessary.  Mexicans abroad who intend to return to Mexico in the near future should consider using the commercial travel options available at this time. 

The Government of Mexico endorses the recommendations of the World Health Organization on how to respond to COVID-19 and calls on the international community to comply with them in accordance with the International Health Regulations. The government also reiterates its commitment to providing consular assistance and protection to all Mexicans who have an emergency abroad.