In order to ensure that public funds are used appropriately, the Foreign Ministry and the National Audit Office (ASF) signed an agreement today on oversight of the funds designated for foreign aid, especially those allocated by the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean.

The agreement was signed this morning by Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard  and AMEXCID Executive Director Laura Elena Carrillo for the Foreign Ministry and, for ASF, by National Auditor David Rogelio Colmenares and Víctor Manuel Andrade, head of the Legal Affairs Unit.

The agreement will be in force for two years and will help ensure audits and oversight for the public resources used by the Infrastructure Fund for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean.

At the signing ceremony, Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard underscored the Foreign Ministry's commitment to administering public resources, including funds for international cooperation, efficiently and with complete transparency.

The chief audit officer said that the ASF plays a preventive role in ensuring the efficient, effective and transparent use of public resources, especially since, in this case, the program represents a milestone in Mexico's relations with the beneficiary countries in Central America. He highlighted the Foreign Secretary's interest in strengthening accountability and achieving excellence in carrying out Mexico's foreign policy.

AMEXCID uses the Infrastructure Fund to provide financial assistance for the economic, social and institutional development of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean.