The Secretaries of Foreign Affairs and Security and Citizen Protection met with U.S. Ambassador Christopher Landau  to discuss the steps taken in bilateral security cooperation.

Secretaries Alfonso Durazo and Marcelo Ebrard explained the Mexican government's new vision of security, its priorities for collaboration and the importance of working together in a prepared and organized fashion, with each of the areas involved in the cooperation mechanisms taking responsibility in order to avoid duplication of effort and to maximize results.

They emphasized taking a broad view of security, with development taking precedence over the use of force as the main way of resolving violence. Both parties agreed on the importance of addressing the causes while respecting national sovereignty.  

Because of the transnational nature of organized crime, the parties agreed that no country can address the issue alone.  They also expressed their belief that they should coordinate to increase the exchanges and work done on the issue, to contribute to both countries’ comprehensive development, to strengthen their capacities and achieve their shared goals.

Lastly, they committed to continue cooperating on security, with co-responsibility for the causes of violence and the ways to resolve it.